Tile Man Mike

"Experience the ART"

Show Creator & Host

Tile Man Mike is a seasoned professional Craftsman/Artisan who has not only logged

his 40 thousand hours, he has spent his adult life learning a masterful skill through trial an

error, blood sweat and tears and now wants to share his experiences with you. His

personality is bigger than life. He’s likable, knowledgeable, charismatic, and he’s entertaining.

Prior to His adolescent years, Tile Man Mike began to have a passion for the construction craft and would tinker with all types of tools at a time when most kids His age are riding their bikes and playing with friends.

This early passion led Him to develop an entrepreneurial spirit at the young age of 16 when He began to advertise His skills in a local newspaper for remodeling jobs.

His Mom always wondered what the people thought when they spoke with Him on the phone not to mention when He arrived to price the job.

Confident in His abilities, Tile Man Mike did not waver and proved Himself time and time again with many successful projects.

"I believed in myself and I knew I had to learn to accept challenges no matter how difficult"


 It's now 1986 and Tile Man Mike attempts His 1st Commercial remodeling project for a Veterinarian Clinic in Anniston, Alabama. Problems arose when the Tile portion was ready to subcontract. There were no available Tile contractors at the time. This is when Tile Man Mike touched tile for the first time in His life, and loved it.

Over the next 30 years, Tile Man Mike created beautiful Tile and Stone projects in Homes, Office buildings, Treatment plants, Department stores, Libraries and Schools.

His intimate relationship with the Tile and Stone profession has equipped Him with tremendous insight into the Industry and has led Him to pioneer a strategy to move the Craft into the 21st Century in a very powerful way.

He wants people to envision a future where Tile Craftsmen and Tile & stone projects are plentiful, Today's youth are energized to get involved, Customers trust the industry and are better equipped to make better choices.

But most importantly, He desires for the Craft to be recognized as one of the most Prestigious professions in the World!

"I believe this show is the vehicle to get us to a better future for the Tile and Stone Industry"

TMM 2016

Mr. Birmingham 2004

In 2004, Tile Man Mike trained for one of His great Passions...Bodybuilding! His decision to compete after an 11 year break from His win as Mr. Tennessee Valley in 1993, was to make a statement! He trained and competed on a "Natural" regimen. No sport enhancing drugs!

Tile Man Mike walked away with the title of Mr. Birmingham as well as a win in the Masters division.

"I wanted to set the right example for my Boys, Braxton and Harrison"              TMM 2017

Tile Man Mike wants to continue to use this passion to reach the Younger generation within the Show in a number of ways. He believes He can motivate and inspire the youth to strive to be a champion.

"The reward far exceeds the investment of time and hard work"                   TMM 2017

Producer & Director

Keith Thomas is a multi-Grammy Award winning producer with seven wins over 20 nominations. Keith also has two Academy Award nominations and one win for his music production of Vanessa Williams' Colors of the Wind from Disney Animated Motion Picture, Pocahontas. He currently holds producer record for the most pop hits out of Nashville, Tn, which is where he resides and is home to his full-service production company, Levosia Entertainment.

Nearly a decade ago, foreseeing that video would soon play an integral role in developing and branding artist, Keith began integrating video and photography services into his company, which has now become 50% of Levosia's focus. While Keith still continues to write and produce music, he is able to complete the picture utilizing his visual gifts and story telling capabilities.

In 2014, Keith starred in Lifetime's Chasing Nashville Realty Show, which featured him coaching seven artists through the artist development process with the intent of obtaining a major label recording contract. Keith also co-wrote and produced the theme song for the show as well.

Recently, Keith Thomas Partnered with Facebook's new TV Programming . This year,Facebook revealed they will be providing scripted and non-scripted content to millions of viewers. http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-watch-tab-launch-in-august-premium-tv-shows-2017-8

Keith is now on the ground floor with Facebook and believes this is one of many great opportunities for the Show.

Producer Keith Thomas & Tile Man Mike

..."I envision Mike installing tile in celebrity homes, which I have access to

which will not only add credibility but expand the audience and his social network. I also

see installations at corporate headquarters, high profile venues etc as well as, normal

everyday households. Each opportunity will provide rich story lines that are unpredictable at

this stage.

I’d also like to see a philanthropic ingredient in the show as an extension of Mike’s

altruistic personality. For example, an artist that I produce and one of my close friends,

Danny Gokey, operates a shelter for the homeless or perhaps a collaboration with Habitat

For Humanity. Mike has also expressed an interest in providing jobs and opportunities for

recovering drug addicts. Obviously Mike would have a better handle on what would be a

good fit but the net effect of cause marketing is a win win for everyone"...


Loren Balman

Business Development Strategist

Loren Balman, CEO of Farfurther/.Music llc, is a 30-year veteran of the music and entertainment business that included the founding of two multi-million dollar entertainment companies and the executive management of five record labels. As a label executive and by way of Artist Development, Marketing and Production, he has earned more than 30 Gold and Platinum records, a Grammy nomination and five Dove Awards. Prior to founding .music llc, Loren was deeply involved in developing forward looking business models that utilized both music, arts and technology disciplines

"DB" (Co-Host)

On a blistering Summer Day in 2013, DB came to work with Tile Man Mike for just one or two days. Little did they both know, they would form a lifelong friendship.

Now, 3 years later DB has become Tile Man Mike's Top Apprentice and continues to excel in the Craft more and more everyday.

DB always brings His fun and positive character to work everyday, and there is never a dull moment as He and Tile Man Mike tackle some of the toughest projects.

In His earlier days, DB was a prospering College Football player with hopes and possibilities for a Pro contract.

As life would have it, an injury during His last year, closed the door for the future He had dreamed.

But now, a few years older, DB has secured a position as a Cast Member for the Show and will help create the synergy essential for a Big Hit!

DB will play a vital role in the Show. Some of the time, DB will be in charge, and other times, Tile Man Mike will lead the way. 

On or off camera, each one has their own way of getting even with the other but always end their day with the friendship a little stronger.

There is nothing that makes DB happier then seeing the development of young football players. He takes time from His busy schedule to provide private training to Defensive Backs in basic and advance fundamentals, to Jr. High and High School stu

His Goal is simple....Strengthen the Athlete-Build the Character of a Man.

"I am thankful to my Friend, DB, for helping me train harder than I ever have and begin to reach my goals."

TMM July 2016