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The Tile Man Mike reality show is unlike any other show in America today. An educational and entertaining theme will be paired with a "give-back" formula as part of the production. The 1st scene of the 1st episode will not only secure the attention of viewers, but will be refreshingly unique and contain a "depth" which surpasses any other Reality Show.

 For the first time ever, viewers will journey with Tile Man Mike and His right-hand man, DB, as they face a new challenge every day. Their lives intertwine with dramatic and sometimes emotional-driven periods which are sure to engage viewers and create anticipation for what will happen next week.

Tile Man Mike is now offering "Brand-Placement" opportunities as part of His "ground-floor" initiatives. This initiative establishes an "exclusive" position for a specific brand. This will eliminate over-saturation of competitive brands and allow for a higher yield of Consumers.

Please send all inquires to [email protected]

Keith Thomas (Show Producer) shares His vision for Tile Man Mike

Tile Man Mike is a seasoned professional Craftsman/Artisan who has not only logged

his 10 thousand hours, he has spent his adult life learning a masterful skill through trial and

error, blood sweat and tears and now wants to share his experiences with you. His

personality is bigger than life. He’s likable, knowledgable, charismatic and for the general

purpose of reality TV; he’s entertaining.

As the show unfolds, Mike takes us through the process from bidding a job to it’s

completion. The entertainment component has endless possibilities to draw from with real

life experiences that are easily recreated. The educational component is woven into the

show in a way that doesn’t suggest it’s a DIY tutorial, but more engaging with “Call to action”

opportunities for fans to follow up online for further instructions and communication with

Mike personally. I envision Mike installing tile in celebrity homes, which I have access to,

which will not only add credibility but expand the audience and his social network. I also

see installations at corporate headquarters, high profile venues etc as well as, normal

everyday households. Each opportunity will provide rich storylines that are unpredictable at

this stage.

I’d also like to see a philanthropic ingredient in the show as an extension of Mike’s

altruistic personality. For example, an artist that I produce and one of my close friends,

Danny Gokey, operates a shelter for the homeless or perhaps a collaboration with Habitat

For Humanity. Mike has also expressed an interest in providing jobs and opportunities for

recovering drug addicts. Obviously Mike would have a better handle on what would be a

good fit but the net effect of cause marketing is a win win for everyone.