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Apprenticeship Program-Coming Soon!

Tile Man Mike visits "Coverings" in Orlando!

Tile Man Mike interviews 3 Industry professionals at Coverings 2015 in Orlando, Florida.

Developing a Ne​w Generation!

Many of you have heard the term..."skills-gap" at sometime. It's true!

There is a lower number of younger craftsmen entering the trades than those leaving it behind.

The tile and stone craft is no exception!.

I have spent many years looking for top talent and have discovered a lower number of skilled craftsmen as compared to the volume of tile & stone projects available in the Industry Today. Clearly, there are many highly qualified Tile & Stone Artisans throughout the Country, but we need more! I would like to invite Master Craftsmen from across the Country to join me in a coalition to address this skills-gap and create a synergetic movement with ideas, support and implementation of education and training.

We need to act now and energize Today's Youth to recognize this really cool and rewarding Craft.

I believe new ideas, leadership and creative marketing will be essential to energize our youth today to consider the tile and stone trade as a profession. First, we must introduce & show the Craft, and then provide the experience. 

The Tile Man Mike show will introduce and show the craft through an effective format to engage todays youth. This will be accomplished with young-generation content. In other words, stuff they like to see. It has to be cool, right? I would love to share the content but you will just have to check out the show.

Now comes the experience. Tile Man Mike will be reaching out to High Schools and invite Students to participate with Him on Community projects requiring tile or stone products. Initially, Students will receive free introductory training from Tile Man Mike prior to their participation.

Now, the experience has taken place and students will have the opportunity to take it to the next level. We anticipate a modest interest at first, but hope for a strong involvement as this program moves forward.

For those who are interested in learning more, plans are to have a completed Apprenticeship curriculum in Summer of 2017.

Visit our website regularly to stay connected to these opportunities.

TMM 2016

Future Apprenticeship Curriculum...

Summer 2017

The 3-4-5 Principle

(Layout Formula)

Basic tile & stone layout application

Tool identification and proper use (trowels, water-saw, measuring tape, levels, chalk-box, etc..)

Safety procedures

(yes and no-no's)

Product familiarization

(Tile, Marble, backer-board, Setting & Grouting products, Waterproofing, etc...)

Measurements and Marking

(measuring tape variations, angle-cut techniques, cut-marking and proper cutting techniques, etc...)

How to mix mortars

How to apply mortars

Grouting techniques

(sponge, towel method)

Floor Preparation basics

Project set-up and procedures

Tile-helper responsibilities to Master Craftsman

Product quantity determinations

(tile/stone, mortars, waterproofing, backer-boards)

Introduction to Mortar bed systems.

Floor & Wall installation basic

Flooring and Wall transitions

Tile Replacement and Repair

Sharing Talents...

Tile Man Mike Honors and Congratulates 7 of His Students He trained for a Tile installation project for Habitat for Humanity.

"I am so proud of these guys for their commitment to beginning to learn the Craft and giving of themselves to provide a beautiful tile project to someone they never met!"