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How I Install 18x18 Porcelain at Showers




  • Make sure your contractor installs the Shower pan on a Sloped Mortar bed for proper water management. (water will eventually pass through the finished floor and needs an escape. Therefore, the pan must have a slope of at least 1/4" per l.f. for the water to evacuate to the weep holes at the base of the drain. Make sure pebble rock or other item is placed over the weep holes prior to the final mortar bed installation in order to prevent obstruction of water flow.
  • Best Tile choice would be a porcelain product due to its low absorption rate and hardness value.
  • Check slip resistance ratings for the shower floor when wet. It must fall into the allowable values of at least 0.6 or greater.

Choosing Tile

Welcome to "Choosing Tile". This is one of your first steps in planning your tile or stone project for your home or business. There are many available products for your wall or flooring needs and I want to help guide you toward selecting the proper products.

Step 1: List all the type of applications for your project: ie: walls, floors, wet or dry areas, interior, exterior, use of area to receive tile or stone, thin-set application, mortar bed application, low, med or high foot traffic.

Step 2: Determine your total square feet for each area (add about 5-6 %) For diagonal pattern, add about 10%. Also, add for bullnose if required or other trim accessories.

Step 3: Determine your budget price per s.f. budget and price per l.f. of trim accessories.

Step 4: The list below will help you determine the tile rating needed based on your application:

A good rule of thumb is to select a Class III or above. In Commercial applications the minimum choice would be a Class IV or V.

PEI rating: Class I, II, III, IV, V

Kitchen Backsplashes

I . Pick a Material which will layout from the top of the counter to the under side of the upper cabinets to have the largest tile size possible at underside of wall cabinet.

II. You will need 1-1/4" #6 Screws for receptacles attachment to electrical box.

III. Consider a "Pencil" trim piece to terminate exposed edges of field tile or bullnose if available.

IV. Consider using a "Single component grout or special additive to eliminate the need for a grout sealer. Using this system will help achieve a color-consistent grout and many times will be mold resistant.

V. Always cover your counter and working area floor with paper for protection


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